In the year 2016, our company was established and started operating as a Design and Implementation of the Total MV System. Along with these, we are also providing Ventilation equipment, Large/Higher Capacity Ventilation Fans which are produced by our principal of SYSTEMAIR to meet diversified requirements of the clients.

Mr. Amila Prasad


Mr. T.H.A.P Pemarathna is the founder of Pure Air and Water Engineers. He began his Apprentice period at Loadstar and Graduate from Moratuwa University in 2011. He has successfully completed various projects regards to Mechanical Ventilation Systems in Various Industries (Pharmaceutical, Industrial & manufacturing Plants, Hotels, Chemical Industries).

Mr. T.H.A.P Pemarathna
BS.C(Eng) Hons. Mech, AMIESL

Our Team

Staff of Pure Air and Water Engineers

Our Team is specializing in implementation and installation of Various MV Systems. Whether you need a We have the experience, design capabilities and expertise to go from conception to the finished Projects. There is no charge for consultation. Our Team has successfully completed all projects in Various Industries (Pharmaceutical, Industrial & manufacturing Plants , Hotels, Chemical Industries)